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                    Medical  Hypnotherapy                                                                        


Hypnotherapy or medical hypnosis is an heightened state of awareness,


- when your attention reaches its peak concentration capacity,


- when you become more responsive to any positive thought that you wish to be placed in your mind.


It is also called ''trans'' state.


It is a medical therapy, and so must be provided by a Registered Medical Practitioner: a qualified professional.

How does it work?

It is an one-to-one therapy, dealing with any psychological condition

- when your mind is affecting your physical health,

when your physical health is affecting your mind, and/or 

- when your attitude is affecting your thinking and hence your behaviour.


Any one above 6 years, who could follow the instructions will respond to therapy suggestions. 


Your conscious and rational mind is bypassed, making the subconscious part more receptive to my positive suggestions. 

Do I lose my self-control? 

Never. This is a common fear and myth.

You are in total control of yourself during the entire therapy.


Therapy aims at helping you gain better control of yourself!

You are always aware of what is happening around you.  

In fact, there is no point in therapist talking with you if you were asleep!


Nothing will go past your conscious mind ever, as therapy does not tap into your secrets!


You will not divulge any personal information, unless you wish to.


Therapy does not tamper or manipulate your subconscious mind in any way!

Does it work? 

This is a common self-doubt. You wouldn't have come to these pages if you didn't believe,


or someone you know who had therapy had recommended it.


For hypnotherapy to work you do not need will-power, but willingness -

total willingness or desire for the therapy to work for you.


So the more open minded you are, the better it will work for you.

Hence come with an open mind about hypnotherapy.


Remember there is no one-session-fix as many smokers and insomniacs expect!

It all depends on your issues.


There will be no dangling of the watch in front of your face or snapping of fingers for an instant change to happen! Did you know you could behypnotised even while awake?


It is claimed that 90% of the population is capable of entering a hypnotic state at different levels. 


Of these, 10% could be described as "highly hypnotisable", and 2% take longer to be hypnotised.

Will it work for me? 

Every person responds to hypnosis at different levels according to their willingness to change.


For example, if you want to quit smoking and stay quit, you need to make a definite choice and a total commitment. It works only as much asyou want it to work.


When you come ready and willing, I will make you able to achieve your realistic goals. 


If you have problem understanding spoken English, then naturally it will not work for you.


Contrary to common misbelief, you do not have to be weak in mind to have hypnosis.


In reality, wiser you are the better you will respond!




Conditions treated include:

  • Smoking; Overweight; Headaches; Migraine; Tension; AnxietyAnger (management);


  • DepressionPanic Disorders; all Phobias; OCD, GAD, Insomnia; Nightmares; PTSD;


  • Memory and Concentration Problems; For Studies and Examination Fears;


  • Stress related conditions; Pain relief especially during labour, dental, medical or surgical Procedures;


  • Eating Disorders - Anorexia, Bulaemia; over eating and Obesity; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; most Personal and Sexual Problems;


  • Nervous rashes and itchy skin; Tinnitis.

All consultations are by appointment only, Monday to Friday at our Kingsgrove rooms,


Please call Carla on 9502 3909 for all appointments.


Carla will try and give you an early appointment at a time suitable for you.
If your initial visit may last longer than usual, please let the receptionist know.


Then a special time will be assigned for you in advance.



Our Centre is a non-smoking area. Hypnotherapy is available to help you walk away from smoking! 

Drugs of Addiction

Doctors in our Centre do not prescribe drugs of addiction or sleeping drugs.


Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy are available here to change your drug and alcohol dependency.


Do I need a referral? 

Your doctor's referral is preferred but not necessary. 
If you wish, your doctor could be kept informed of your progress. 
For certain conditions, referrals are necessary to claim your refund from Medicare.

How much does it cost? 

Initial Consultation (Monday - Friday, in the mornings) is covered on Medicare; so it is free for you.

If you wish to be seen at other times, a fee of $80 applies, with Medicare refund of $69 on site! 
As many are anxious or nervous during their first session, you may wish to have a close friend or relative with you for this initial consultation,
when your issues will be discussed, psychological assessment done, main problem identified and treatment sessions planned with you making the decisions. 

Subsequent Sessions:
 Treatment lasts for 45 minutes; a fee of $ 150 is payable at the time of therapy.

If wish to have Medicare approved Mental Health Care Plan (completed by your family doctor-see below). 
Medicare refunds you $127.50 every time on site! So it costs you just over $20 per session! 
When you reach safety net, you get back $147.50 from Medicare! then it costs you as low as $2.50!

Mental Health Plan is not necessary or applicable for many conditions.
Treatment without Mental Health Plan is also available with some Medicare refund.

Yes, you can also have therapy after 6 pm or on Saturday mornings; Additional Fee is $20. 
Can I claim from Medicare? How much do I get back?

Yes! Medicare refunds you $ 127.50 on site, as a medical treatment lasting longer than 45 minutes.
So it only costs you just over $20 per session!
Refund could be made into your savings or cheque account on site.
When you reach safety net, you get back $147.50 from Medicare! then it costs you as low as $2.50! Treatment without Mental Health Plan is also available with some Medicare refund.
"GP Mental Health Care Plan'' (Item 2715/2717) Referrals from your GP

When you are referred by your GP under the Mental Health Care Plan, you are initially entitled to six sessions, in place of seeing any psychologist! Following these six sessions, you will see your GP for a review, and if you and your GP agree that you would benefit from anadditional four sessions, your GP will make an additional referral under the same care plan. When these are completed and you feel other issues need to be addressed still, then you could still have more Medicare refundable treatment at a reduced rate that you can't have with a psychologist!  

The required Mental Health Management Plan request form can be downloaded here.
You may print this out for your doctor to complete.                           
Please call us on 95023909 or email us when you have the Mental Health Plan approved. 
As mentioned above our first session is free on Medicare (Mon-Fri Mornings).
You do not need any referral at that time.

For subsequent sessions that lasts for about an hour, a fee of $150 is payable.
Medicare refunds you $127.50 every time on site! So it costs you less than $25 per session!
When you reach the safety-net, Medicare refunds you $147.50! then it costs you as low as $2.50!
How Does this 'On Line Claim' work?
For your convenience we have "Mediclear" facilities available on site to save a visit to Medicare office to rebate your claim. You will pay by an EFTPOS Savings, Cheque or Credit accounts. Your Medicare rebate can then be paid directly into an EFPOS Savings or Cheque account. If you do not have this facility, a receipt to take to Medicare with all the relevant data will be issued at the time of payment.

Can I also claim refund from my Private Medical Fund?

Medicare does not allow double dipping. Hence we can not provide a second receipt or a copy of the original. If you do not qualify for Medicare, then your private fund may refund fees at various levels.
Please check with your fund.

Why shouldn't I see just any hypnotherapist? 

For all medical problems, whether it is physical or psychological, it is prudent to have treatment from a professional - a doctor. 

Here are the reasons: 

(1) Australian Society of Hypnosis is the only hypnotherapy training organization run by Doctors and Psychologists training only Doctors and Psychologists; none other.


Hence you are assured that a doctor has been diligently trained, having completed Hypnotherapy as a post-graduate course for two years, and have been duly qualified with a diploma, that is recognized both by Australian Society of Hypnosis and International Societies of Hypnosis. 

You do not get this backing with non-medical therapists.


You wouldn't let any person, not a mechanic, to repair your car; why would you do that to your mind? 

(2) Your confidentiality and privacy are mandatory.


No other person (including parents) will be in the premises and no recording of the session is allowed.

So you could be further self-assured of privacy. Entry in your files is also done with your permission.

You will not feel that your secrets are safe with a masseur, psychic, naturopath or alternate practitioner practicing hypnosis on you, 
as they are not bound by any of that code of ethics. Would you still?

(3) You also get a
 better rebate from Medicare 
when you consult a Registered Medical Practitioner for therapy than a psychologist! 

You can not get any refund from Medicare for treatment with any others.


If you belong to ancillary benefit with a Private Fund you may get some refund; not otherwise. 

So the
 fees are cheaper and refunds are better only when you have treatment from a Registered Medical Practitioner -
 a Medical Doctor. 



Now is the time to make your appointment, and let the process of positive change begin: